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Sanskrit names for boy baby

Sanskrit names for boy baby, ancient Indian names

Aadi = First
Aadidev = The first god, Ancient god
Aadinath = God, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the first God
Aaditya = Sun
Aagam = Arrival
Aagney = Son of the Fire God
Aamod = Pleasure
Aanandaswarup, Anand Swarup = Full of Joy
Aanjaneya, Anjaneya = Son of Anjani, Name of Hanuman
Aaryan, Aryan = Illustrious, Noble, Spiritual
Aatmaj = Son
Aatreya = Name of a sage
Aayushmaan, Aayushman = With long life
Abhaidev = Free of fear
Abhaya = Fearless
Abhirath = Great Charioteer
Abhisyanta = Splendid, A son of Kuru and Vahini
Acaryatanaya = Son of the teacher, Another name for Aswatthama
Achalesvara = God of the immovable, Another name for Shiva
Acharyanandana = Son of the teacher, Another name for Aswatthama
Acharyasuta = Son of the teacher, Another name for Aswatthama
Achintya = Lord Shiva, Inconceivable, Beyond comprehension
Achyut = Imperishable, a name of Vishnu
Adheesh = King
Adhiraj = King
Adhrit = The one who don't need any support but supports everyone, Lord Vishnu
Adikavi = First poet
Adinath = Lord Vishnu
Aditeya = Another name for the sun, Son of 'Aditi'
Aditya = The sun
Adityanandan, Adityanandana = Son of the sun
Adripathi = Master of the mountains
Advaya = One, United
Agasti, Agastya = Name of a sage
Agneya, Aagneya = Son of Agni, Son of the fire
Agnimitra = Friend of fire
Agniprava = Bright as the fire
Agnivesh = Dhronacharya's Guru, Bright as the fire
Agrata = Leadership
Ajit, Ajeet = Victorious, Invincible, Unconquerable
Akroor = Kind, Gentle, A Yadava chief, Krishna's friend
Akshaj = Lord Vishnu
Akshat = Unharmed
Akshayakeerti = Eternal fame
Alok, Aalok = Brightness, Light, Cry of victory, A man with lovely hair
Amaranaath, Amarnath = Immortal God, Lord Shiva
Amaresh = Name of Indra
Ambar = Sky
Ameyatma = Lord Vishnu
Amish = Pure, Honest
Amogh = Unerring
Amrit = Nector
Anaadi = Without beginning
Anagh = Sinless, Variant of 'Anagha'
Anal = Fire
Anand, Aanand = Joy, Bliss
Anang = Cupid or Kamadeva
Anil = Wind
Anilaabh, Anilabh = Spirit of the wind
Anish = Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
Ankal = Whole, One who has no illness
Anunay = Supplication, Consolation
Anurag, Anuraag = Love
Archan = Worship
Arindam = Destroyer of enemies
Arjun = Son of lord Indra, One of the Pandava brothers
Arnesh = Lord of the sea
Arun = Sun, The dawn
Ashlesh = To embrace
Ashok = Without sadness
Atmanand, Atmananda = Blissful soul
Avadhesh = King Dasaratha

Baalaaditya, Baladitya = Risen sun
Baalagopaal, Balgopal, Balagopal = Krishna, Baby Krishna
Bahula = A star, Abundant
Bakula = A kind of flower, Resembles a crane, Blossom
Bala = Child, Young one
Balaaditya = Young Sun, Young Man
Balachandra = Young Moon, Crescent moon
Balagovind = Young cow-herd, Infant Krishna
Bandhu = Friend
Bandhul = Pleasing, With friends, Family
Bankim = Not Straight, Crooked, Half
Bankimchandra = Crescent moon
Bhadrak = Handsome, Good, Virtuous
Bhadraksh = One with beautiful eyes, Whose eyes reflect auspiciousness
Bhadran = Auspicious, Fortunate Man
Bhagavaan, Bhagvan = The lord, God
Bharadwaj, Bhardwaj = A sage, A mythical bird, Skylark, Strong & fast
Bharat = Being maintained, The name of the Hindu God of fire
Bhargava = Lord Shiva, Archer, Preceptor
Bhasvan, Bhaasvan = Lustrous, Full of brightness
Bhaswar, Bhaaswar = Glorious, Luminous
Bhaumik = Lord of the earth
Bhavesh = Lord of the world
Bheeshma, Bhisham, Bhishma = An elder of Mahabharata, Son of king 'Shantanu'
Bhima = The mighty one
Bhoj = Name of a poet king, Meal
Bhramar = Black Bee
Bhudev, Bhudeva = Lord of the earth, Lord Shiva
Bhupati, Bhoopati, Bhoopat = Lord of the earth
Bhupen = King
Bhushan, Bhooshan = Ornament, Lord Vishnu
Bhushit, Bhooshit = Decorated
Bhuvanesh = Lord of the world, Lord of the earth
Bhuvaneshwar = Lord of the world
Bilva = A sacred leaf
Bodhan = Clever, Wise, kindling
Brahma = Creator of the universe, Supreme being
Brahmabrata = Ascetic
Brahmanandam, Brahmaanand = The supreme joy
Brahmdev = God's exalted angel
Brajendra = Lord of Braj Land
Brajesh, Brijesh, Birjesh = Lord of Braj Land
Budhil = Learned, Wise, Academic

Chakor = A bird that loves the moon
Chakradhar = Name of Lord Vishnu
Chakravartee, Chakravarti = A sovereign king
Chanakya, Chaanakya = Name of Kautilya - the great scholar, Bright
Chandak = The moon
Chandan = Scented Wood, Sandalwood
Chandra = A shining moon
Chandraayan = The moon
Chandrabhan = The moon, Lustrous as moon
Chandradev = Moon God, A King
Chandraketu = Moon banner
Chandramauli = Lord Shiva
Chandramohan = Attractive like the moon
Chandran = Moon
Chandranath = The moon, King of the moon
Chapal = Swift, Lightning, Clever, Restless
Charak = An ancient physician, One of the founders of Ayurveda
Charuchandra, Chaaruchandra = Beautilful moon, Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna
Charuvrat = Of good character
Chatur = Clever
Chaturaanan = With four faces
Chaturbhuj = Broad shouldered, Strong, Lord Vishnu
Chetan, Chaten, Chaitan = Perceptive, Consciousness, Life, Excellent Intelligence
Chetanaanand = Supreme Joy
Chidaakaash = Absolute Brahma
Chidaatma = Supreme spirit
Chidambar, Chidambaram = Sky like heart, One who has heart as wide as sky
Chidananda = Lord Shiva
Chinmayanand, Chinmayananda = Blissful, Supreme consciousness
Chiranjeev, Chiranjeeve = Lord Vishnu, Immortal
Chitraksh = Beautiful Eyed

Daiwik = By the grace of God
Daksha = The skilled one
Damodara = Tied with a rope around the belly, Krishna
Dandak = A forest
Dandapaani = An epithet for Yama
Darshan = To perceive, Vision
Datta = One who is given, Donor
Dayaamay, Dayamayee = Full of mercy, Kind
Dayaananda = One who takes joy in being merciful
Dayaanidhi =
Kind, one who gives
Deenabandhu = Friend of the poor
Deepan = Lighting up, Illumination
Deepankar, Dipankar = One who lights lamps
Deependra, Dipendra = Lord of lights
Deepesh, Dipesh = Lord of light
Deeptanshu = The sun
Deeptendu, Diptendu = Bright Moon
Deeptiman = Lustrous
Deeptimoy, Deeptimay = Lustrous
Dev, Deb = Divinity, God
Devadatt = Gift of the god
Devagya = With knowledge of God
Devajyoti = Brightness of the lord
Devak = Divine
Devdan = The gift of the gods
Deven = Like a God
Devesh = Lord Shiva
Deveshwar = Lord Shiva
Devi = Breton: The beloved, the adored one Sanskrit: Godlike, a goddess
Devvrat = Bhishma
Dhananjay = Name of Arjun, One who wins wealth
Dhanapati, Dhanpati = Lord of wealth
Dhanesh = Lord of wealth
Dhanu = The bow
Dhanvin = Archer
Dharmaketu = One who upholds the right way, Son of Urmila & Lakshman in Hindu epic 'Ramayan'
Dhruv = The polar star, Constant, Faithful
Dhyanesh = Meditative, Lord of contemplation
Dhyaneshwar = Lord of meditation
Digambar, Digambara = Unencumbered, Sky-clad
Dinakar, Dinkar = The sun
Dinesh = The lord of the day, The sun
Divaakar, Divakar, Deevakar = The sun
Divjot = Divine light
Dron, Drona = Teacher of Arjun in Hindu epic 'Mahabharat'
Dwaipayan, Dwaipayana = The sage Vyasa, Another name of Veda Vyasa, Island-born

Eekalabya, Ekalavya = A pupil of Dronaachaary
Ekaksh, Ekaaksh = One-eyed
Ekaling = Name of Lord Shiva
Ekdant, Ekadant = Another name of Lord Ganesha

Gajaadhar, Gajadhar = One who can command an elephant, Elephant tamer
Gajbaahu, Gajabahu = who has strength of an elephant
Ganak, Ganaka = An astrologer, Mathematician
Ganapati = Lord Ganesha, Leader of the elephants
Gandharv, Gandharva = Celestial musician, Master in music
Ganesh = Lord Ganesha, Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
Gangesh = Lord Shiva, Lord of the Ganges River
Garud, Garuda = The king of bird, Falcon, A large mythical bird
Gati, Gatik = Speed, Fast, Progressive
Gaurang, Gauraang = A fair one, Husband of Gauri (Parvati), Lord Shiva
Gauranga, Gouranga = Fair complexioned, Golden-limbed, Having a white or yellowish body, Cow coloured
Gautam, Gautama, Goutam = The name of the Buddha
Ghanaanand = Happy like clouds
Ghanshyam, Ghanashyam = Lord Krishna, Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening
Giri = Mountain
Girik, Girika = Lord Shiva, Heart of the gods
Girindra = Lord of the mountains, Lord Shiva
Giriraaj, Giriraj = King of mountains
Girish = Lord of Mountains, Shiv, Mahadev
Gopal, Gopaal = Lord Krishna, Cowherd, Protector of cows
Gopi, Gopee = A cowherd, Protector of cows
Gorakhnath, Gorakhanatha = A famous medieval Hindu yogi (saint), Name of a saint of Gorakh community, Mastered his senses
Goswamee, Goswami = Master of cows
Gotum, Gautam = Lord Buddha
Govinda, Gobinda = A cowherd, one who is good at finding cows, Lord Krishna
Gudakesha, Gudakesa = The archer Arjuna
Gurdev = Almighty God
Guru = Teacher, Master, Priest

Hari = God Vishnu, God Narayanan, Lord Krishna
Harinarayan = Lord Vishnu
Harit = Green
Himadri = Himalaya
Hiranmay, Hiranmaya = Made of gold
Hiranya = A precious metal

Inder, Indra = The god of weather and war, Lord of the devas
Indra = Leader of the gods, The God of the atmosphere and sky

Jagadish, Jagadisha = God, Master of the Universe
Jagathi = The earth
Jagdeep = Lamp of the world
Jagdish = God, Lord of the universe, The ruler of the world
Jagmeet = Friend of the world
Jahnu = Name of an Ancient Sage & divine King
Jai = Conqueror, Defeater, The victorious one
Javas = Quick, Swift
Jay = Victory
Jitendra, Jitender = One who can conquer Indra, Lord of conqueror, The powerful conqueror
Jyotis = Light

Kailash = Adobe of Lord Shiva, Name of a Himalayan peak
Kama = The golden one, Love
Kamalesh, Kamlesh = The preserver, Lord Vishnu
Kanak, Kanaka = Gold
Kannan, Kannen = A Form of Krishna
Karan = A warrior
Karthik, Kartik = Name of a month in the Hindu calendar, Bestowing Courage and Pleasure
Karunanidhi = Kind Hearted
Kashyap = Name of a Vedic Sage, The priest of Parasurama and Ramachandra
Kiran = A ray of light
Kirti, Keerti = Fame
Krishna = Lord Krishna, Dark, Black
Krishnadas, Krishnadasa = One who serves Krishna
Kumar = Prince, A boy or son

Lai = The beloved one
Lakshman, Laxman = Auspicious
Lakshmidhar = Lord Vishnu
Lakshminath = Consort of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu
Lal, Laal = Lovely, Beloved, Dear one, Red colour

Mahendra, Mohinder = The great God Indra (the God of the sky)
Mahesh = Lord Shiva, A great ruler
Maheswar = God Shankar
Mani = Gem, A jewel
Manik, Manikya = A light pink to blood red gemstone
Manoj = Born of the mind, Cupid
Marut = The wind
Mayoor = Peacock
Meghnad, Meghnath = Lord of the sky
Mohan = Beauteous, Attractive, Charming
Mukesh = Lord Shiva, Cupid
Mukul = Bud, Soul, Blossom

Nagabhushanam = God Shankar, Lord Shiva
Nanda = Joy
Narayan = Lord Vishnu, The son of man
Narendra, Narinder = King of men
Naveen, Navin = New
Nawal, Naval = Wonder
Nimit = Destiny
Niranjan = Lord Shiva
Nirbhay = Fearless
Nirogi = Without Illness

Param = Being Supreme
Paramartha = Highest Truth
Pran = Life, Vital breath
Pranay = Love
Prasad = Brightness, Blessing
Prathamesh = Ganpati
Prayag = Confluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati, A city in India called Allahabad
Prem = Love
Puneet = Pure
Purushottam = The best among men, Lord Rama

Rahul = Son of Lord Buddha, Efficient, Capable, Conqueror of all miseries/sadness
Raj = King, Rule, Kingdom, Monarch
Rajan = King
Rajendra = A mighty king
Rajinder = The emperor, King of Kings
Rajiv = Lotus Flower
Rakesh = Lord of the night, Moon
Ramesh = Ruler of Rama, Lord Vishnu
Rameshwar = Lord of Rama
Ranjit, Ranjeet = The delighted one, Victorious, One who is entertained
Ravi = Sun
Ritesh = Lord of Seasons, Lord of truth
Rohan = Ascending, Sandal wood, Healing
Rohit = Red, The sun's red light, First rays of the sun
Rudra = The terrible, Lord Shiva

Sachin = Pure, Lord Shiva, Existence, Essence
Sameer, Samir = Early morning fragrance, Breeze, Wind, Entertainer
Sanjay = Dhritarashtra's charioteer, Triumphant
Sankara = Auspicious
Sarvin = Best Archer, God of Love
Satish = Ruler of hundreds, Victorious, One who speaks truth, Sati's husband, Lord Shiva, Sunrise
Satyen = Lord of the truth
Shankar = Lord Shiva, God Shankar, He who gives happiness
Shantanu = Whole, A king of Hastinapura in the epic of 'Mahabharata', Father of Bhishma, Peace loving
Shashi = Moon
Sher = The beloved one or a Lion
Shiv = God Shiva
Siddarth = One who has accomplished his goal, Buddha
Siddhran = Perfection
Som, Somu = The moon
Somnath = Lord of the moon, God Shiva
Subhash = Soft Spoken
Subodh = Sound Advice, Spiritual Intelligence
Suman = Cheerful and wise
Suresh = The ruler of the gods, Lord Indra
Surya = The sun
Suryakant, Suryakanta = Loved by the sun, Glowing, Good Looking, A jewel
Sushil, Susheel = Good charactered man, Well-behaved
Swami = Lord, Master
Swapnil = Dream like, Seen in a dream, Dreamy

Tapan = Summer, Sun
Tara = A star, The name of a Buddhist goddess
Tarun = Young, Tender
Tej = Light, Lustrous, Radiant
Tejas = Sharp, Lustre, Brilliance
Trilochan, Trilochana = Three-Eyed Lord, Lord Shiva
Trilok = Three worlds
Trilokesh = Lord of Universe, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu
Triloki, Triloki Nath, Trilokanath = Lord Shiva
Tushar = Snow, Winter

Udai = The rising, To rise
Udit = Shining, Grown
Ujjawal, Ujjwal = Bright, Clear, Splendorous
Umang = Happiness, Enthusiastic
Upendra = Lord Vishnu
Uttam = Best

Vasudev = Father of Krishna
Vasudeva = The father of the God Krishna
Vedang, Vedanga = Part of the sacred knowledge
Vidhya = Wisdom, Relevant to Goddess Durga/Saraswati
Vidur, Vidhur = Skilful, Expert, Wise, The wisest minister of King Dhrutarashtra's cabinet in great Indian Epic
Vijay = Victory, Strong and victorious
Vimal = Pure
Vinay = Polite
Vishnu, Bishnu = The protector, An important Hindu God
Vishwamitra = Friend of the universe, One of the most venerated sages in India since ancient time
Vyas = The arranger
Yogendra, Yoginder = God of Yoga, Another name for Lord Shiva
Yogesh = Lord of Yoga


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